Executive Committee Elections

In a continuing effort toward authentic community engagement in the development of the West Louisville FoodPort, in August the West Louisville FoodPort Community Council decided to elect an Executive Committee of Community Council members to represent the Council in a leadership role on the FoodPort project. While every Community Council voice is vital and equally important, electing an Executive Committee allows constant dialogue and coordination with the community and ensures that community has immediate input over every aspect of the development. While the Council grows toward 100 members, it is important to have a core group that can receive and communicate progress as well as voice and follow up on community concerns. This ensures greater accountability to the community, and consistent focus on community benefits.

Eligibility for the Executive Committee is based on engagement with the Community Council. Any Council member who has served for at least 3 months on the Council is eligible to nominate candidates and to vote, with various seats on the Executive Committee opening up in phases.

The Executive Committee will be elected by the Community Council and be composed of 7 members:

· 3 neighborhood representatives, 1 from each Russell, Portland, and Shawnee (live or work)

· 2 from another west Louisville neighborhood (live or work)

· 1 from community at large (Greater Louisville)

· 1 young leader (18-25, who lives or works in West Louisville)

Initial members will join in three cohorts:

· October, 2015: 3 neighborhood representatives (Portland, Russell, Shawnee)

· December, 2015: 1 West Louisville at large and community at large

· March, 2016: 1 Eest Louisville at large and 1 youth leader

The first two cohorts have been elected to the Executive Committee, with Marshall Gazaway representing the Russell neighborhood, Bonnie Cole representing the Shawnee neighborhood, Bethany Pratt representing the Portland neighborhood, Ramona Lindsey representing the community at large, and Mike White representing West Louisville at large.

The term of the Executive Committee seats are 18 months with the possibility of one renewal, and any members who serve 2 terms must sit out 18 months before running again.

In addition to serving on the Executive Committee, two members of the group will be nominated to serve on Seed Capital KY’s Board of Directors to represent the voice and interest of the Community Council of the West Louisville FoodPort. The first of these will join Seed Capital KY’s board at its first meeting in 2016.