The Other Local Food Heroes

kentucky-proud-900x450 Our favorite part of the Local Food Hero voting this year was the comments section–over 275 people left thoughtful, beautiful comments telling us what local farmers mean to them. We love hearing how much people care about where their food comes from: local food heroes aren’t just farmers, they are family members, friends, community leaders, even inspirations. Local Food Hero winners were announced August 14th, 2014, but we’d like to recognize some farmers who stood out to us in the comments section. These farmers are getting people excited about local food—they are passionate, hardworking, and visionary.

Cathy Rehmeyer, Four Petal Farms

“Cathy Rehmeyer of Four Petal Farms is changing the face of Appalachian agriculture. She farms of a postage stamp of a garden patch, yet documents producing over a ton of food a year. Cathy, aka Mother of a Hubbard, advocates four-season gardening not only teaching others how to extend the season through classes….her blog Mother of a Hubbard was named one of the top ten garden blogs by Better Homes and Gardens. Cathy was the first in Pikeville to attempt establishing a CSA, and has shown social media to be an effective tool for education as well as driving farm sales. Because of Cathy’s efforts, many people here in the mountains now have the skills to feed themselves year round without a huge expense. She has also shined the way for skeptical market producers, including myself. She brings new hope for Appalachian agriculture.” –Joyce Pinson

Davis Curry, Curry’s Farm

“My father Davis Curry has been a Dairy Farmer for almost 50 years now and has worked hard through all the bad weather with his sweat and tears to provide for his wife and 6 children and to help the world by producing dairy milk. He is a great man and father. He has always taught us to give is better than to receive in life. These kind of men never expect anything from no one, so it would be nice for just this once that he was recognize for all he does and continues to do for his hard work. He is 69 years old now and is still producing milk, working on the farm, setting examples for his sons.” –Patricia Petty

Nathan and Michelle Howell, Need More Acres Farm

“Nathan and Michelle are nothing short of inspiring. Nathan is giving his all to his family, his community, and the greater good of all those around them. The main focus of the Howells seems to be providing honestly good, nutritious, health-giving food to their community not only to those who have the “luxury” of affording it, but also creating ways for those who can’t, to have access to the same good food that will help every family who so chooses so that every family can be well. They do so with great love and zeal, and humility.” –Maureen Dinx

Todd Howard, HF Farm

“Todd has taken up the task of reminding us of the importance of producing our own food. We have become too complacent in our food choices. Cheap produce shipped in from who knows where and laced with who knows what, may not be our best buy. Todd comes from a long line if farmers on all sides, who believed in doing things the right way. Caring for family and community were their main concerns. Let’s help him and all the other local producers.” –Julie Jones “Todd Howard is single-handedly (almost) creating a regional foods economy in eastern Kentucky through his willingness to work with markets, restaurants, institutions and anyone else who will listen. He understands the need to give and take and to work together to build something important. And he does all that while farming with a business partner and two small children. Farmers never sleep, at least until winter.” –Kathy Curtis   Thank you to everyone who voted and commented–you really gave these farmers the recognition that they deserve!